Miata wheel balancing

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miata wheel balancing

Get A Quote. With a significant increase of 26 more horsepower, from hp to hp and a 7, rpm redline, this roadster is more powerful than ever—while staying extremely lightweight. The MX-5 Miata is designed to be complete once you sit inside.

Your connection to the car begins with its looks. Which is why the MX-5 Miata offers two soft-top color options. Choose between classic Black or the new available Brown so people see your style whenever you choose to drive with the top up.

Adding power is easy. Retaining lightness, at the same time, takes innovation. The MX-5 Miata was born for the track and twisty roads.

miata wheel balancing

By pushing our cars to the extreme in fast-paced and unforgiving environments, we learn valuable lessons about safety, performance, efficiency and reliability. And that translates into a better car for you— both on the road and on the track. After all, more Mazdas are road-raced on any given weekend than any other car.

With its sleek lines, captivating design and soft top the MX-5 Miata is inspired by classic roadsters of the s. Whether you choose classic Black or the new available Brown, the MX-5 Miata fits your style with the top up or down.

Round taillights have been a signature MX-5 Miata detail since the first one rolled off the line over 29 years ago. The sharply sloped hood suggests forward motion, granting the driver maximum visibility, while prominent edges on the front fenders provide reference points for you to accurately place the tires. This is the addition enthusiasts have been waiting for. Lighter pistons and connecting rods, along with an increase in valve spring rates, larger throttle-body openings and a freer-flowing exhaust system are just a few changes made to increase power without adding weight to the engine.

Creating balance and oneness between driver and vehicle. The MX-5 is designed to be complete once you get inside. Wherever possible, the MX-5 Miata underwent painstaking weight loss. Even with the more powerful engine, the MX-5 Miata has lost pounds 7 from the previous generation. Even the window glass is lighter. Bringing its weight down to 2, pounds for manual transmission models. Imagine an archer on horseback, riding toward a target.

The horse steadies as the archer pulls back his arrow. Perfect shot.Disclaimers: Performing any modifications to your car based on advice from this FAQ page is dangerous, might hurt you and and kill a kitten somewhere. IOW, read, assume, implement at your own risk don''t sue us if you mess your car up and crash These settings may not be compatible with your vehicle, driving style or conditions.

Ride height. There are several ways to measure ride height. If you are always using the same tire diameter, I recommend using pinch weld height as it's easier to get more precise and repeatable measurements. We always use pinch weld height method of measurement at our shop. For the Exocet, use jack pad heights. Exocet ride height The 2nd gen Exomotive US made chassis have a slightly different suspension geometry than the Miata donor.

The Exomotive chassis has it's rear subframe roughly 10mm higher than the front. To keep the critical roll center axis where it needs to be, the rear ride height recommendations listed here should be adjusted 10mm lower in rear. You may still end up with the chassis jack points level, just understand that Miata alignment specs do not directly always translate to the Exocet chassis. Minimum rear ride height with Xida Race or most short body two piece coilver is 4.

In both short and long shock setups, your useful range begins at those minimums and goes up from there. How much higher depends on many factors so we leave that open to you. The Exocet chassis has it's upper shock mount locations raised roughly 45mm from the position in the Miata. This requires a custom built shock, longer than any standard Miata shock to return the suspension to it's correct kinematic range if spacers are not used.

As few Exocet owners even know of this problem, they are not likely to have custom shocks built. If you plan to use shocks designed for the Miata, the simple fix ia a shock mount spacer which Exomotive USA released in The only way to get the Exocet set up properly is to use these spacers front and rear.

No set up info on this page will work well without these Exomotive spacers. Deleting these spacers allows your front suspension to articulate past the safe maximum angle for the outer tie rod ends and ball joints. The rear will have an excess of camber gain and too low roll center at full bump without the spacers. Measuring pinch weld height. Requires that you always measure with the same size tires.

Take measurement from forward most and rearmost straight area of lower unit body pinch weld at it's lowermost edge. If you measure frequently, a small dot of contrasting paint or other mark on your measuring point is a good idea.

Pinch weld heights listed below are assuming a Verify tire pressures before measuring ride height. Exocet ride height Exocets can use the jack pads. Note that the jack pads on the Exocet are manually welded on and vary in both location and thickness.

This and the relatively loose dimensional accuracy of the Exo chassis means the ride height measured at these jack points may not be very accurate.I think the balancing of automobile tires is generally a rip-off.

miata wheel balancing

To test this theory, I marked the locations and sizes of balancing weights on a freshly balanced wheel that was producing vibrations and took the wheel to a different shop and had it balanced again. The wheel came out of the second shop with different weights in different places, and it still vibrated at speed. Modern tire balancing machines are capable of measuring out-of-balance conditions so small they require only a quarter-ounce of weight to fix.

They can measure static and dynamic balance, and newer machines can even tell the operator how to reposition the tire on the rim to minimize any out-of-roundness in the tire and wheel. But these machines have huge deficiencies: If a wheel is not mounted correctly in the balancer, if the technician does not know how to operate the machine, if the tire and wheel are too out-of-round to correct, or if the tire or wheel have invisible defects, a wheel balanced in the finest balancer will still vibrate on the car.

For years, the only tires that did not vibrate on cars I owned were the original tires that came with the car. Every time I put a new set of tires on a car, vibrations ensued at speeds above 60 mph. The first time this happened, I brought the car back to the tire shop. The tire technicians had many ideas about what might be causing the vibrations: shock absorbers, suspension bushings, alignment, brakes, bad wheels and on and on.

I told them the vibrations began only after they put on the new tires, so they offered to rebalance the wheels. They did this, but the car still vibrated. I decided I was wasting my time trying to get a solution from the tire shop and gave up.

I'm sure this is what most people do if they are even aware of tire vibrations. I can't help observing vibrations in a car's tires, but most people either don't notice them or don't think they are important. The few people who are aware of vibrations sometimes go to great lengths to find a solution. I read one man's story on the Internet.

miata wheel balancing

He bought a new pickup truck and it vibrated from day one. He brought it back to the dealership several times. The dealer supplied him with four new sets of tires and one replacement wheel, and still the problem persisted.

It was only after he found a competent tire shop with a tire truing machine that the truck owner got a smooth ride. I began to work on the balance question seriously a year ago. I acquired an old spin balancer at a swap meet and decided to put it to work. A spin balancer is simply a powerful electric motor with a drive hub. The motor is fastened to a small dolly that makes it easy to maneuver under a car.

The balancer is capable of spinning a car wheel on the car at speeds approaching 90 mph. At this speed, balancing vibrations can be seen, heard and felt by an observant operator.First and foremost, be sure your tires are properly balanced. It must be done by a competent technician using a dynamic balancer. Some shops perform dynamic balancing, but they don't do it correctly. It should be done using a more sensitive setting and the technician should properly install the balancing weights.

It should also be re-checked after weight installation. In addition, most major tire manufacturers put a marking on each new tire to indicate the "heavy spot" on the tire. Kevin Lakkis, field development engineer from Toyo Tire, notes:. AND no tire leaves the factory beyond certain limits. That is why Toyo has so few vibration complaints. Every Toyo tire is marked at the low balance point with a yellow dot it is not always a yellow dot with all tire manufacturers, but it is with Toyo.

OE tires are also marked with a red dot, marking the low RFV spot so they can be match-mounted with the rim. A general rule is to match the yellow dot to the valve stem, however, many wheel manufacturers drill the valve stem hole at the light spot of the wheel.

In any case, when I mount my own tire, I spin up the wheel alone, mark the heavy spot, and match that to the yellow dot on the tire. In my limited experience, the heavy spot of the wheel is not always near the valve stem. BTW, there is a new balance machine that puts a load roller wheel on the tire and actually measures RFV as well as balance. We are ordering one very soon.

That type of machine should help with the 65mph shimmy. Check out this link: www. We Toyo have been using one of these machines for some time with excellent results. There is a dealer locator which will help Miata owners find a tire dealer who has one of these special balancing machines. Since the GSP is significantly more expensive than standard balance machines, it is safe to assume a tire dealer who owns one is an expert on diagnosing vibration problems.

Corner Balancing

Manufacturing anomalies are not as uncommon as one would think. Shaving the tires will bring them back into the "round. Next, the car should be properly aligned by an alignment specialist. Just because the car is new, don't assume that it has been properly aligned at the factory or by the dealer.


Many dealers are not very good at alignment.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Ships for free. Availability: Blueprinted front wheel hub ARP studs : 17 in stock Blueprinted front wheel hub stock studs : 12 in stock. If you're running your NA or NB Miata hard on the track, you're probably burning through front wheel bearings on a regular basis.

And that means you're losing track time or races. ART knows this, so they've put together these blueprinted hubs. They start off as factory hubs, but they're carefully checked and packed with a high temperature grease.

They'll cut down your failure rate dramatically. Also, if you're picking up the cheapest possible hubs from your favorite low-price supplier, you're probably getting hubs with poor castings.

The stress risers on these castings can lead to failure of the hub flange, which means your wheel falls off. That's not good. These hubs use the "good" OE casting. They're not as strong or as long-lived as the Miatahubs, but they are a definite step up from cheap and nasty.

Sure, they're a bit more expensive but so is losing a track day because of a hub failure - or losing a wheel! Available either with stock studs or with strong extended ARP units. If you go for the ARP units, you will need to press them into the hubs. Sold individually. Nuts are included, but new dust caps are recommended. Recommended installation is to have everything very clean, install and torque to ft-lbs with a proper torque wrench, not power tools.

Be the first to review this product.Mazda has never built a true Miata coupe, the closest examples being a couple of Japan-market fixed-hardtop conversions and the Power Retractable Hardtop PRHT introduced on the previous, NC generation. To put a finer point on the RF, its closest current analogue just might be the far pricier Porsche Targabeing a demi-convertible with a similarly functioning top mechanism. Twiddle the console-mounted roof button, and the plastic hoop behind the driver and the pair of sail panels behind lift up and back, while the rear glass and two roof panels the forward panel is aluminum, the rear one is steel scissor back into a cubby behind the seats.

Then the hoop and sail panels settle back into place. Of course, the sail panels are a new stylistic flourish, and they give the RF a coupelike appearance from most angles even with the roof stowed. The RF is notably quieter inside than the cacophonous roadster, at least with the top raised, thanks to a thick headliner—it reduces headroom by 0.

Nary a squeak or rattle came from the mechanism during our drive, either. Whereas the RF is quieter than the roadster with the top up, it is far more raucous in top-down mode. With the rear window and roof panels stowed, air swirls, tornado-like, into the cabin.

But the RF might benefit from a spring-loaded wind deflector that pops up from the windshield or aerodynamic tweaks to the side mirrors to alleviate these traits at higher speeds. So why make the top retract at all? Plus, the RF looks incredible. This is to offset more noticeable road and driveline noise in the RF with its better-insulated roof in place. The Miata thus remains capable of barely carrying two soft-sided carry-ons, and the cockpit still is tight for anyone over six feet tall.

Displacement: cu in, cc Power: hp rpm Torque: lb-ft rpm. Buyer's Guide. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. View Photos. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From First Drives. Join the Conversation Show Comments LoadingThese wheels are also perfect for street Miata's, autocross Miata's, and track weekend Miata's. The lightweight will increase your cars handling and good looks will set your Miata apart from the rest.

Comments: These wheels look great. The 5 spoke design not only looks great but also allows easy access to keep a check on your brake pads. Brittany at 5X Racing worked hard to make sure that I received these beauty's before my race last weekend. I couldn't be more pleased with the product and the the service that I received. I liked the wheels so much that I have already contacted 5X Racing for another set. You can't go wrong with these wheels or with the great service from 5X Racing.

Comments: I received my wheels on time, excellent price.

Wheel Balancer Operation - Hunter Engineering

This company is second to none. I look forward to doing business with them again. Thank You Eric. Home - Return to Previous Page. Additional Images. Available in 25mm and 30mm offsets 25mm is wider and fits the NB chassis without fender rolling. Not Available.

Shipping: Drop Shipped. Will ship separate from other items ordered. Item Inquiry Tell a Friend. Description Details Shipping Reviews Description Manufactured using a low pressure cast method which strengthens the wheel and eliminates the chance of bending after a nasty curb hit. The open 5 star design allows for easy cleaning, easier inspection of brake and suspension components, easier through the wheel strapping when the car gets loaded onto the trailer, and of course good looks!

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